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We are committed to helping our young people achieve their potential and take positive steps forward in every aspect of their lives through various different programmes.



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Co-operation Ireland through many programmes enable young people from across the country to engage in making a difference within their communities. However this new initiative funded under Belfast City Council through SEUPB PEACE IV programme gives young people 16-24 the ability to go much further in terms of addressing social justice issues.

Between 2018 -21, 80 young people from across Belfast will embark on a journey of personal development, personal growth, community relations and an opportunity to make a lasting impact in their community. The young advocates will work with 800 of their younger peers in identifying and lobbying for change on some of the most relevant areas affecting communities across Belfast. Co-operation Ireland, through this programme, aim to enable a new generation of community change agents. These young people will then have the capacity to identify and challenge decision makers across Belfast city for the benefit of the communities we work in.

Co-operation Ireland work alongside local delivery partners that will help support and continue to encourage the young advocates long after the programme is completed. Young advocates will also have the opportunity to connect with their peers across the Island in a series of conferences that will be led by the young people and will open the opportunity for cross border connections 


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For more information contact Aimee Miller or call 028 9024 4449.



Co-Ment is a mentoring programme that aims to work with young people between the age of 16 -24 who are not in employment or education. It is a one to one mentoring service that supports young people to make positive steps forward in all aspects of their life but in particular into finding further training, education or work experience.


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For more information contact Nicki Sproule or call 028 9024 4449.



#WTF! Is a leadership Programme which is funded by Co-operation Ireland and is aimed at providing young people with new experiences, qualifications and personal and emotional development to help make a positive difference personally and in their community. It is heavily based in social action and work based skills.


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For more information contact Nicki Sproule or call 028 9024 4449.