We are committed to:


Our aim is to deliver environmental and public realm improvements at appropriate locations throughout the area, including along Broadway, and at the Sandy Row and Donegall Road gateways. We have been instrumental is enncouraging community involvement to enhance and contribute to the physical and built environment of the area. We have already completed a number of projects and there’s more to come.



What we are doing

Ask anyone from Belfast to describe Sandy Row and they may well refer to a staunchly loyalist community located just off the Donegall Road in South Belfast. Indeed, worldwide Sandy Row is probably best known as a fiercely loyalist community with an image portrayed by the international media in the past, of burning cars and paramilitary murals. 

Older people, throughout Northern Ireland, might refer to it as having been a great shopping area and a place where people travelled to find a bargain or as an area dominated by factories and mills where people from many districts and traditions in Belfast and other parts of Northern Ireland came to find work. 

The facts are that Sandy Row is one of the oldest residential districts in Belfast, and while it thrived through the early 20th Century, it is now facing difficulties integrating with the rapidly developing Belfast City Centre. Sandy Row is perhaps best described as a place with a history and a future that contributes to its status as a unique and iconic district in Belfast.

However, it’s a district that has been neglected, with a physical infactrature which has continued to deteriorate over the years and it is this physical decline which BSCR is determined to address with its regeneration strategy.

The process of regeneration is one which cannot be achieved by any one group and will take major investment by both local and central government. However, BSCR is working with its social (in particular SRCF and SRRG) and statuary partners (DFC, UVs, BCC) on a number of projects which it believes will make a significant contribution to this regeneration. 


Completed Projects

BSCR and its community and statuary partners have just finished a major clean-up of the King William and NI football Murals at the north entrance to Sandy Row. We have also been leasing with the council and HE on enhancing the flowerbed at the mural and on the hanging flower baskets which now adorn the Row.


BSCR along with its community partners is seeking to shape a strategic overview and response to vacancy and dereliction in the Sandy Row area. We will do this in a number of ways; 

Advocate for vacancy and dereliction interventions as appropriate against the objectives and outcomes of our regeneration strategy;

  1. Mapping vacant and derelict sites and looking at possible developments.

  2. Liaise with stakeholders including the wider community about vacancy and dereliction interventions and provide knowledge of other local initiatives being delivered in the area.

  3. Continue to develop our capacity to deliver vacancy and dereliction projects in the longer term.

  4. Continue to develop the concept of Boyne Enterprises as a vehicle for the delivery of capital regeneration projects.

  5. Gilpins – how to turn what was promised, and what might have been, into a reality.

  6. Working with our community, statuary and business partners into getting the best possible result for the local community out of new development such as the Transport Hub, Hope Street, Etc.


Derelict sites & upcoming projects

We are currently supporting 4 projects which will make a huge different to the community.


Improvements to outside court yard of the urilarian Nursery, this is currently at business case stage and we would hope that it will be delivered in the current financial year.


Improvements to outside court yard of the Blythe Street School, this is currently at business case stage and we would hope that it will be delivered in the current financial year.


Improvements to the community garden, this will shortly go out to community consultation to see what people would like to see on the site.

96 SANDY ROW.jpg

96 Sandy Row which is a project managed by the forum, work on a tourist information centre and two apartments is due to start after the holidays.


We are also working on plans for a cultural training café on the old Enas site 92-94 Sandy Row and at what can be done with the 5 derelict shops on the Donegall Road entrance to Sandy Row, known locally as the Wee Rubies Site. We believe that, in the interim, concentrating on these two sites gives us both achievable goals in the short term and that they will contribute in a very positive way to the overall regeneration of ‘The Row’. Gilpins remains a priority, but unfortunately our plans for this building have had a setback when it was acquired by a private developer, not to develop it but simply as an asset to sell on at a profit.