We are committed to:

Local business

In addition, BSCR works closely with Sandy Row Community Forum in supporting all local traders and tries to encourage local residents to shop with them in an attempt to ensure the success of these small businesses. BSCR has in the past, and will continue to, provide support for local traders by providing facilities for their use, for example, on the 4 July 2019, BSCR held a hospitality careers day in the centre, the HR team from the new Hilton hotel came in and spoke about the types of job opportunities etc on offer. This was attended by 22 people who all filled in job applications and were helped to create CVs. We have also provided facilities for conducting interviews etc. for a number of local shops.

We also use our social media platforms to help local business advertise job opportunities that become available.



Business Support 

If you would like to get advice or get further information on how we can help you contact Garnet (Buzz) on 20890244449 or email buzz@bscr.co.uk